KRC iTender

An application that will save you money, time of your buyers and strategic purchase will be more transparent.

KRC iTender is an e-procurement software tool that will be appreciated from medium and larger companies. What does it bring to them?

  • all on one place – access to the ongoing and closed tenders
  • tool, where you put tenders out, communicate with suppliers and compete with the offer – everything is mapped in detail and you can find out in hindsight how every step was carried out
  • savings of money – negotiation about offer in the form of e-auction, but also the simple demands, it is very effective, if it is well used in the process of tender
  • savings of buyers´ time – can you imagine that you would be counting something without Excel or another tabular processor today? Who would count something on a calculator and paper? And why do your buyers their routine tasks, as inputs, communication with suppliers and offers´ comparing through e-mail, using hand-made tables and archive them on shared disks or print the conclusions and save them in binders?

And it is easy! You have not to install the SW, access is via Internet browser. And you will learn including strategy, how to negotiate e-auctions just in 4 hours. In addition, you and your suppliers has our support on phone and chat.

And in addition – we help you with the complex competitive tendering or its part that is linked to the e-auction. Or with the implementation of e-procurement into the purchase processes of your company.

We are professional buyers, not “administrators of e-auctions”. If somebody offers you “e-auctions”, consider, what all do you receive and what do you have to do yourself.

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