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Your partner for improving purchasing in your firm and making savings. Let us know what you are thinking about in purchasing.

KRC partners s.r.o. consultancy was established in the summer of 2011. At present, our eight member team of experts brings clients financial and time savings. We grow with our clients.

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User-friendly E-shop that will organize your orders and help you purchase at the prices of significantly larger customers.

Do you and your colleagues occasionally order to goods and services from suppliers that you don’t know and with whom you have not concluded a contract and favourable prices? Or you buy from the right suppliers, but at bad price, because you don’t know about changes? Or more colleagues purchase and nobody takes care, e.g. about the return bonus at the end of the year?

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An application that will save money, the time of your purchasers and a strategic purchase will be more transparent.

KRC iTender is an e-procurement SW tool, especially for medium sized and large companies. How will it help them?
Everything in one place – access to running and concluded tenders.
*A tool for announcing tenders, communicating with suppliers and completing your bid.

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Simple and intuitive tool for internet auctions.

proAukce is an application where you can have your auction ready in 20 minutes. You do not have to meet sellers and trainers. From the moment you found it on our website, your demand can be distributed during this time, if you already have all the documents ready.

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Year round education programme for managers and purchasing employees.

Sharing strategic purchasing best practices, the largest eLearning purchasing course.

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Are you building a house or reconstructing an office? With the proStavba package just choose the professional supplier of your construction.

The complete tool for building of your house – you will get access to the software for supplier selection including a list by region and activity, e-book with instructions how to do it all, it means, how to choose a supplier using or not using auction. And to make it complete, you get an example of contract, which will help you to ensure that the implementation will be carried out correctly and without further unnecessary costs.

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