E-shop, which

will user-friendly organizes your orders

and will help you to purchase at prices of significantly larger customers.

proKatalog is an internal e-shop, i.e. reverse than you know. Offers of suppliers are tendered in it and your colleagues purchase there for your firm.

Why is it good? It helps small and large firms

A) Manage orders

Do your colleagues occasionally purchase goods and services from suppliers that you don’t know and with whom you have not concluded a contract and favourable prices?

Or they buy from the right suppliers, but at bad prices, because they don’t know about changes?

Or more colleagues purchase and nobody takes care, e.g. about the return bonus at the end of the year?

Maybe everything is well organized in your ERP (SAP, Navision, Helios etc.), but the licence is very expensive and the environment is unfriendly.

Change to proKatalog. It will be an e-shop only for your company. The responsible purchaser or external firm ensures that the tendered items have correct prices and the conditions are recorded and are available to those who order. They only order what they need and, consequently, the shopping cart is divided into orders for these correct suppliers

Why proKatalog?

  • Your colleagues will purchase in the same environment.
  • You can use it for all purchases. One e-shop for both office supplies and electrical accessories, joining materials, oil and grease, cleaning services, telecommunications, … everything you normally purchase.
  • Orders can be approve before they are sent
  • Integration with your ERP, if you want to send orders from it
  • Reporting purchased goods = you will have a detailed summary about purchases up to each item, so, for example, the preparation of further tender will be significantly simpler.
  • The application runs on our HW, accessible for you through the web browser = you do not have to worry about installation

Do you want to order proKatalog or know more about it? Please fill in the additional information:

Our other services

  • hotline
  • consulting services for purchasers who will fulfil items together with suppliers
  • complete tender service for suppliers and the fulfilment of update character of items
  • integration with ERP

B) Purchasing small amounts that do not warrant tendering.

Despite this you will have goods and prices as if you were a large customer. This involves alliance purchases.

It is clear that a firm that purchases, for example, office products of CZK 10 million has significantly better prices of pencils than a small firm that purchases in an e-shop or even go with a bag to purchase from a normal shop.

For these medium sized and small firms we have prepared our proKatalog e-shop, where we tendered suppliers of not only office products but also series goods and services (and they will increase), we tendered suppliers who will give you the same prices as a wholesaler.

Why do they do it? Because in our proKatalog e-shop hundreds of firms like you purchase and for the suppliers it is the same as one large client.

ATTENTION! Shopping possibilities at our proKatalog are paid by you. And it is good FOR YOU!

You ask why, when such services are offered by several firms „free of charge“? Nothing is free, and if another service provider says „free of charge“, it should also say the whole truth, because "suppliers that deliver the goods will pay us”. And, unfortunately, you do not know the percentage that this supplier pays as commission and therefore, do not even know how much cheaper the goods could be.

For us it is clear – you pay for the opportunity to shop and get the best price on the market. Suppliers of your goods PAY NOTHING to us.

We will tender for suppliers in individual sections once a year, therefore, prices will be the best on the market (of course, with the exception of short-term discounted prices of some goods).

It is important for you that we are not saying only the best prices. We look for high quality goods and services and we require standards from suppliers that are defined by our demanding large customers.

We wish you, the shopping in proKatalog is simple for you, and low prices will not surprise you and consider them, as well as high quality goods and services as a matter of course.

Are you interested in purchasing from all sections of proKatalog? You can actually purchase: Office appliances, Telecommunications, Protective and working aids. Please fill in the order:

After sending your order we will issue an invoice and after it is paid the purchasers will be able to order from our catalogue proKatalog.

You can display contracts with suppliers here. The contracts show the conditions our service suppliers have confirmed with us, including the fact that they do not get any money – you pay us, so we work only for you.

In A) and B) we will offer you individual processes for integrating proKatalog outputs into your ERP.

Order form:
Fields with an asterisk must be filled in. When you dispatch the order, you agree with the General business terms.
Order form:
Fields with an asterisk must be filled in. When you dispatch the order, you agree with the General business terms.
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