For us suppliers of goods and services are not just “fair game” that we want to force into unreal low prices. Please read our recommendations. We appreciate your cooperation in our clients’ tenders.


Registrations will be opened on 15.9.2014, until then contact us by e-mail at

We will invite you to tenders

  • you will be asked in tenders in the KRC iTender and proAukce applications
  • applications are used by large companies as well as small companies – one channel will address a wide market
  • a request will come very well specified directly into your e-mail box
  • you will be invited to participate in tenders that you would otherwise not know about

Reduce your costs

  • similarly as our client compete for your offer, you can compete your suppliers
  • select between simple proAukce, corporate KRC iTender, or a complete service where we will run the whole tender for you.
  • organize your orders or purchases in the alliance way with proKatalog
  • our applications can be used at any time, we will be happy to tender for your suppliers but after completing the tender, in which you are offering. Parallel running would not be good. It is important that we always try to do the best for our actual client.

Why participate in a tender

  • it is a transparent and increasingly popular way to choose a supplier – not only by customers but for its fairness and suppliers
  • a request includes clear evaluation criteria and defined terms of the tender
  • participating in tenders gives you an overview of the competition – the auction usually displays the best price, or at least the order, and you will see how your offer compares with the best.

How to win a tender and become a supplier

  • Immediately after receiving a request, read it carefully and ask questions. As a rule you will understand the subject better than buyers (you are after all professionals in your area), therefore, make sure that the specifications are clear and do not allow goods and services of various quality and complexity to be offered
  • Recommend everything that should be included in the assessment, if it is not already there. For example, not only the purchase price, but also service and operating costs, spare parts, etc. You know best everything that could happen when operating your supplies.
  • State that the answers to your questions must be included in the task and handed over to all participants. You will achieve that they will have to offer complete services and bids in e-auction will be comparable.
  • Register the e-mail address of a person who knows about the auction, and will respond to it. Or instead of colleagues, create an e-mail e.g. “tendry@…”, however, you must monitor it regularly. No one paying attention to a request is the most common reason for a supplier failing.
  • If a contract is attached to the task, read it and take into consideration the conditions as part of the task. If there are sanctions in it for not meeting obligations they are not directed at you but it is clear that if someone offers something, he do it. Supplier-customer relationships where services are offered and then poor quality or no services at all are provided will fail.
  • Remember that your objective is to win the e-auction, but make sure your business receives a reasonable profit. To win at all costs and then default on deliveries or deliver quality but without a profit is not the way to long-term success. If someone does so, he/she will not survive. The purpose of auctions is not to push prices below cost but to optimize the entire supply chain.
  • Another reason „why to participate“ is that you will know the bids of the competition. If you gave your best, disillusionment sometimes comes and at first you are angry with „those stupid auctions that we have lost.“ But – if this is not the case from the point at the top (and then we wish the winning firm, it will not compete to us), then after a cold-blooded analysis, suppliers often find that they have non-optional their purchase prices and/or expensive internal processes. And we have experience that this is an impulse to improve and achieve greater competitiveness.

We appreciate honest contractors who are looking for the best offer and especially the delivery. We know what is behind the efforts to build a company that works well and supplies high quality goods and services. Our objective is not for these suppliers „to beat auctions“, but to set the selection process so that our clients get the desired quality at the best price. Thank you for helping us with this process.

  • If you are successful with a bid, try to conclude a contract as soon as possible and start deliveries. If the contract negotiations last for weeks and months, postpone your business and, at the same time, the result of internal discussions with the client may change conditions due to the internal discussions at the client.
  • Don’t blame the tender organizer if you win but a contract is concluded, for example, with the existing supplier. The costs of changing suppliers are usually considerable, and sometimes they cannot be easily calculated and included in the tender. And your win in an auction is generally not great (the existing supplier is often just behind the first and relies on good relations – so if possible provide the best price you can, a narrow victory may not be enough). Use position of the auction of the winner to find out exactly why a potential client prefers someone else and what you can do immediately or in the next tender to get the order. These discussions would be with you and the announcer of the tender and to at least appreciate your efforts in obtaining the contract.
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