About us

The consulting company KRC partners Ltd. was founded in the summer of the year 2011. At present our eight-member team of experts provides financial and time savings for our clients. We grow with our clients.

You can find our services under the product logos at the bottom of the homepage. We are professionals in the purchase. It is important for us to get new order from our client next time again, not to maximize our profits in the business case. That is why we pay attention to:

  • give the client cooperation that makes him sense many years after its termination
  • provide services for our client that means a minimum of time load for him – we are not these who would let to do everything from the client, who would put it into some software and then would take this work for finished
  • not finish our services with providing of the supplier contract or with software selling. We keep in touch with our client while he receives performance from the selected supplier and uses our applications and we help him if needed, for to be maximal satisfied.
  • provide the complex purchase services for our clients. Therefore we still envelope new services and products both in strategic and operational purchasing and in buyers´ education.

One of the company partners devotes personally to each client and each project and you can contact this partner at any time.

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