E-book “Procure well in your company”

Do you have a purchasing department that seems to work well, but would you like to see how they do it elsewhere? Do you feel that something could be improved and be inspired? You don’t have a purchasing department and you are thinking about whether / how to start one?

All of our experience is given in the e-book „Procure well in your company“. Learn how to set the liability of a company's purchasing practices so that you shop well (i.e. quality, in time and at a good market price), everything adequately controlled, not to create administrative wearing whip that everyone gets angry and alone itself is expensive.

The e-book “Procure well in your company” costs CZK 8,950. Do you want to see if it is worth it? After login, you can download " Good purchasing in a firm – commented content” for free. This will show you what you can expect from the e-book. If you feel you want to invest in our experience, please fill in the binding order below.

Download “Good purchasing in a firm – commented content” .[downlink alertize-krcpartners-web]":[/res/krc/partners/file/nakupujte-ve-firme-dobre-komentovany-obsah.pdf], You are not buying a pig in a poke.

And what's the best?

Have you also heard as we have heard many times „these recommendations of processes are only printed papers that end up in a drawer and nothing changes in reality“? Often expensive consulting firms give a presentation but they do not want or cannot manage it or it is not a first priority for them and they do not have capacity for it.

We do only purchase and nothing else. And we believe that we are good. Therefore, if you want we will analyse your processes and after your approval start turnkey improvements. And if you want, we will also supply purchase management tools.

And it does not stop there – we will monitor your firm’s purchases for one year and make sure that „smart papers“ are shown in practice and begin to really work.

And just to be clear – other companies provide services and tools than KRC partners. So that you do not think that the e-book is an advertisement for our products and services other than our name in the footer you will not find anything about our firm.

But we hope that you want to read on. We look forward to your comments, experience, issues, topics, what you are missing.

We will complete e-book and expand – anyone who buys it, gets the further free version for three years.

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