KRC Newsletters (in CZ language only)

KRC newsletter is monthly newsletter where we select interesting topics and commodities to purchase and share with you our experience with them and we recommend suppliers

  • download IX = Marketing production, IT infrastructure vs. CLOUD, Chemistry
  • download VIII = Central purchasing, Packages, Scrap and old machines
  • download VII = proAukce portal, Security, Fuel cards
  • download VI = E-aukce, Technical gases, Construction orders
  • download V = Procurement Forum 2014, Working medical services, Protective and working aids
  • download IV = Central purchasing, External IT service, What to do with savings?
  • download III = Investments, Oils and lubricants, Exchange risks
  • download II = Correct ordering, Transport, Metallurgical material
  • download I = Telecommunications, Cables, Insurance

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