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Complete tender outsourcing

Do you want to save time and don’t have time to run a tender? Trust us, we know how to do it.

According to your needs, we can:

  • Prepare the task with the responsible person of the client (e.g. manufacturing, IT, marketing …) + the contract between the client and the supplier (important allocations, payment and sanctions)
  • Present new market possibilities (RFI – request for information)
  • Recommend new suppliers for the bid
  • Address and communicate, sort out inquiries, personal meetings with the client, present solutions / offers
  • Gather bids (RFP – request for proposal) and evaluate them
  • Conduct contractual discussions with suppliers, or personally with the client
  • Produce a final report on the tender for a company management presentation

And what is the best for you? We do not want anything for this. Our price is only a commission on the income / savings, agreed before the project.

Spend analysis and identification

Do you want to save costs and don’t know where to start? We will prepare an analysis of your costs and recommend which commodities / services are suitable for tendering.

  • We will analyse data received from you, as a rule export from ERP
  • We will read your delivery contracts and recommend whether, when and what to resolve
  • We will recommend individual steps in accessing purchased goods / services according to their suitability for leasing, volume and urgency for expiring contract.

Purchasing processes

Is purchasing in your firm clear? If so, stop reading now. But if you want to be inspired, then have a look at our „Good purchasing in the company“ e-book and book some individual consultations.

  • We analyse how you purchase today. We will focus on control (so no stealing in your company) and simplicity (only necessary steps, no unnecessary bureaucracy)
  • We will recommend what to change and confirm it with the client
  • We will make changes and during the agreed time at the client we monitor, and if necessary, make modifications.

The aim is that it works, not a pretty presentation in a drawer.

Optimising ICT

Today, information technologies are part of every company. By revising ICT, significant savings can be achieved and most importantly the quality of services can be increased.

ICT costs, after wages, are one of the highest costs of a company providing services and are also important in manufacturing companies. We often meet in practice that in addition to telecommunications costs, ICT costs are not well managed.

Unlike most purchases, purchasing ICT services is not managed by purchasers, but remains under the domain of the IT department. The IT department prefers to stick to what it knows and known suppliers to the detriment of the price and sometimes also the IT quality.

We can reduce your ICT costs, without affecting ICT quality. We offer you the following services:

ICT state analysis

We analyse your IT. Our consultants analyse the accordance between the business strategy and IT strategy, then we focus on IT processes and IT organisational arrangement in your company. The analysis usually involves – IT strategy, IT governance, infrastructure, service level management and contractual relations with suppliers. The result of the analysis is a list of steps to correct the situation. At the same time, we identify areas where costs can be saved.

IT Due Diligence – revision of a specific IT area. If you find a particular solution expensive, consider investing in a new one or replace the existing technology, we can help you assess the financial, as well as technological affect. We help to create an overall business case, including implementation and operating costs.

Outsourcing some IT services – if you are considering outsourcing part of your IT services, we will compare and prepare a business case, including long-term operating costs. We will help with an exact specification of the outsourced service and an SLA description.

Migration to CLOUD – we compare the alternative of purchasing your own infrastructure to migrating to cloud. The comparison includes an overall TCO and a recommendation for selecting a suitable cloud supplier. We will also help to negotiate the contractual relation with the cloud supplier.

Selecting new IT solutions

To suit your solution to your demands, the tender must be independent and objective. When selecting the possibilities of the supplier, the technologies, the overall functions, the contractual conditions and the offered support for the solution must be considered. Only by properly comparing the existing supplier with the alternatives can an effective solution be selected.

During selection, we start analysing the demands of the client, we compare them with the financial possibilities all with clearly defined criteria.

Because of our focus, we have long-term experience of selecting suitable solutions. During selection, we do not prefer individual IT suppliers but the suitability of the solution for the client.

If your internal department prefers one solution from a previous customer, we search for an alternative one and propose IT infrastructure technologies and SW changes.

With a new ERP solution, we perform for you selection of solution, selection of implementer and will help you to ensure maximum advantageous conditions either during the implementation, as well as after its termination.

Reducing IT costs

IT costs are a very specific area where great experience of ICT is needed. Operating costs in most companies are undervalued or considered as fixed. When reducing IT costs, we focus on revising the requirements of a client, revising his/her requirements and, last but not least, discussing contractual relations with suppliers.

When reducing operating costs, we revise contracts for IT infrastructure support, providing IT services and also licence contracts.

Reducing telecommunication costs

Very significant savings can be achieved in telecommunications. We look at the whole area. We differentiate savings from voice as well as data services.

We prepare for the client an analysis of the costs of calls in the tendered structure. We are experts on individual tariffs, we recommend which one to use. With data services this involves connection technologies and SLA services.

We have an excellent knowledge of the market and we know large suppliers as well as local data line providers.

We help clients to conclude a contract and, if decided, migration to a new supplier.

Alliance purchases

It is clear that a firm that purchases office products of CZK 10 million has significantly better prices for pencils than a smaller firm that purchases small amounts in the e-shop or even purchases in the traditional shop.

We have put together our e-shop proKatalog for medium sized and small firms, where we tendered suppliers of not only office products but also series goods and services (and they will increase). You will pay prices as if you were a wholesale customer.

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