Case study

We have experience of tenders for 300 thousands to 120 millions CZK. The most typical are: Office appliances: We organized a tender for office appliances for a laboratory company. The total annual amount was CZK 430,000. In addition to a basic saving of 42 %, we obtained a longer maturity period for invoices. The principal for this result was a precisely specified task and communication with suppliers about alternatives. Six firms participated in this tender Telecommunications services: We ran a tender for a manufacturing company for telecommunication services. In addition to mobile and fixed call fees, data services were needed. The total amount was CZK 250,000. Thanks to the quality of the prepared task, we achieved savings of 74 %. In addition, we gained favourable prices for frequently called / visited countries and a favourable tariff for Blackberry. Seven companies participated in this tender.

Cleaning services: We prepared a tender for cleaning services for a manufacturing enterprise. The total annual amount was CZK 800,000. Through a precise task, inspections before submitting a bid and clear specification of the tender conditions, we achieved high quality services plus 55% savings. At the same time, we gained a longer maturity period. Twelve companies participated in this tender.

Transport: We prepared transport abroad for a manufacturing company. The annual amount of this part of the transport was CZK 2,000,000. Through a precise task, a quickly signed contract (with service quality guarantees) and an exact specification of the conditions, we achieved saving of 21 %. Ten forwarders participated in this tender because they were the only ones prepared to sign the declaration on agreed conditions offered in the auction (if they would not agree to be bound by what they offered, a penalty would be applied – therefore we had real bids together with a contract). When concluding a long-term contract we recommend including a ‘diesel clause’.

Energy: The most tendered commodity is energy. In one tender for medical clinics, we saved 19 %. The total amount was CZK 800,000 a year. Eight distributors submitted a bid. The saving was achieved, among other things, by selecting a common supplier of electricity and gas – previously supplied individually. As in this case, you can ask for a price for more off-take places * and both fuels at once.

  • Energy is a typical commodity which holdings and groups of firms and institutions select centrally.

Protective working aids: Every manufacturing company needs personal protective aids or company uniforms for their employees. The material must be exactly specified, as well as requirements of the protective elements – as a rule, OHS agent cooperates in specifying the task. In a recent tender for these aids, we achieved 15 % savings on a total amount of CZK 300,000. In addition, we gathered for the company taking aids in the regime of alternative delivery and a longer maturity period for paying invoices. We also managed to consolidate the number of suppliers. In the tender we asked about the possibility of a consignment warehouse – due to the clearly determined price of this service (tendered as % extra charge to the offered prices), in the end the client did not use this possibility.

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